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This journal is mostly about Johnny's Idol Group

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Hey! Say! JUMP
Sekai no Owari

History on how I met them
Hey! Say! JUMP : A friend was sharing SuperDelicate MV on Twitter ( around November 2014 ) and I watched it and got attached to it. I started following them. After quite sometime I got know more and more about JE. That's when I met Arashi.
Arashi :I heard people talking everywhere about Arashi. It makes me wonder what makes them so popular and loved by people. To be honest I don't have any kind of image of Arashi before I watch their shows. At first thought when I saw the member's face I would think 'what are so special about them '. When I watched their concert, shows etc, It answers my question. They're amazing. Everyone has incredible talent.

● KAT-TUN and V6 : I don't really follow these two group closely like how I follow Arashi and HSJ. But all the people is amazing and funny. Apart from KAT-TUN dark past, I'm supporting them. I wouldn't know how it felt when I'm a fan of KAT-TUN when it still had 6 members but I just like KAT-TUN the way it is now.

❶ Ninomiya Kazunari
I ike everything about him.

❷ Inoo Kei

His randomness catches my heart.

Thanks tho those who visited my journal. 🍃

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26 November 2015 @ 04:35 pm
 I watched Best Artist by streaming online on the 24th Nov. Before KAT-TUN's performance, it was JUMP's performance. JUMP's short talk with Sho + their performances really makes me excited to see the next perf. As KAT-TUN enters, I was expecting some happy talking but it all didn't happen. the atmosphere is dark, no smile, confused feelings is everywhere. Then at Twitter, every Johnny's goes what what why Taguchi is retiring bla bla. 

I've been following KAT-TUN after JUMP and before Arashi. I watched their old videos when there're still Jin and Koki. They're so funny and makes me loves them. Taguchi is one of my favourite member in the group. I don't care what people say about his puns but it always makes me laugh. He's tall and handsome too. I NEVER even had the thought that he'll be the one to leave KAT-TUN. Their Sekaiichi Tame Ni Naru Tabi is fun too and I love to see the scenes when the Bear wakes them up. Taguchi always put on glasses after he woke up. 

After the announcement, I researched about Taguchi and found a tabloid tha t talks about he has been in a relationship with an actress maybe for 8 years and have been living together with Taguchi or the actress mom. Not sure about that. I guess he's getting married. Well, idol is also a human too. Maybe he wants to lead a free life. But I'm still not sure why he's retiring from the showbiz also. Higashiyama Noriyuki is still in the agency even after he got married. Since he's selected for a magazine (Myojo maybe) for 1K words interview, I hope he talks about it in the interview. 

As for Kame, I feel really sorry for him. He's the group leader and of course, his feelings is hurt more than the fans. He has been trying really hard to strengthen their bond so that this things won't happen again, but then it happened. When talked at Best Artist, his eyes looks like he's about to cry. And when the perf started, his voice was trembling.  I watched Shuichi's coverage for their 2013 concert maybe. How their bond has deepen. How happy Taguchi when Ueda gives him a towel maybe for his birthday and Ueda was happy because Taguchi likes it. 

Just look at Kame's face. He's trying hard to control himself. 

As for Ueda, I see him and Taguchi fights a lot but they're always together. Just look at his face, I can see his eyes was red and quite swollen and he looks like want to punch something. He and Nakamaru has been trying hard to persuade Taguchi from leaving but it was no use. Taguchi had his mind set up. But to know that they're trying to stop Taguchi, I'm happy. That just show how they love Taguchi. 

Anyway, I thank KAT-TUN for giving a wonderful perf even after making such heartbreaking announcement like that. I will always support them and Taguchi in the future. Now I know how the fans feels when Jin and Koki left. But maybe Taguchi is just more painful. Of course there are fans who rages too about this especially those who have been following them since their debut. Anyway, we Hyphens need to be strong and accept this. :)

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26 November 2015 @ 04:13 pm



Thank you for loving Arashi with all your heart and being such a wonderful leader. 
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26 September 2015 @ 10:36 pm
 Kanata Hongo 本郷 奏多

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Because I love his acting
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26 September 2015 @ 10:34 pm

Hello there! I'm just writing this review for fun. I like this drama even though there are not many funny scenes happens. Before I watched this drama I heard many negative review about this drama so I haven't watch it until now. 

But! After I watched it I found it very interesting. The baseball club members are just lovely and clumsy just as the title says. With Kanata Hongo, Yamazaki Kento, Fukushi Sota, Nakajima Yuto, Shotaro Mamiya and Ninomiya Kazunari in this drama, makes me like this even more. 

I like how real the drama is. I mean like what we usually expects will happen in manga doesn't really happen in this drama. Take Kamezawa's situation as an example. Usually we will imagine Akaiwa helps him with money and he didn't end up quitting school but, it doesn't happen in this drama. 

I also really love Kanata Hongo's acting in this haha. His chara was crazy. I knew him just after the Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action. Seeing him as the smart Armin Arlert he looks really cool there. Seeing both his acting in the movie SNK and this drama. It makes me respects and likes him more. Haven't watch him in Gantz tho. Ah. Here another movie he acts with Nino ❤ 

I think that's all I got to say. Thanks for reading. Don't be shy to share your thoughts with me! Bye!